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deepnetaims at solving real life problems by using artificial intelligence. We are helping students to skill up in the field of AI, connect them with like-minded individuals so they can deploy solutions to social and economic issues.

what is deepnet ?


Leveraging online resources, close mentorship and tech for good application projects, we help master students to learn (from scratch) and improve their AI and Machine Learning techniques with state of the art knowledge.


We are a growing international community of engineers, Phd and social innovators sharing the same value and passion for technology as a force for good. We meet, share ideas and knowledge on a regular basis.


We want to leverage the learning process of our students, and the force of our community to solve real life problems. We partner with NGOs, social enterprises, and government agencies to source critical problems impacting the world, and use our resources to address them in a very efficient way.

Recent Works

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